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Apr 20 / TrishB

I’m like a bank — Shazaam!

Have you heard about Columbia Community Dollars yet?

Well, well — let me tell you, they’re the best thing since snow tires — or Canadian Tire money.

How it started:

Groups of local currency advocates from around the Columbia Basin got their potlucks going, their e-mail fingers tapping and their Sherlock hats on.

They discovered that other groups around the province of British Columbia had tested various models of local currency and that the guy who started the first one was now advocating a new-and-improved version.

(The first model was called LETS: Local Exchange Trading System.)
(Michael Linton founded it in the Comox Valley in the 1980s)
(The new model is called Community Way.)

Why I’m like a bank

Because I donated C$ to my personally-favourite local charity, Wildsight, and in so doing will bring these community dollars into being.

“Make it so!” I said, and… Shazaam!

Now, I get to accept C$ in my business. I choose to accept payment in C$ up to 50% of my total bill — but you can choose any percentage you want should you get the C$ bug.

The best news of all

A whole bunch of my favourite local businesses and community organizations have also expressed interest in accepting C$!

So, after the upcoming launch, I’ll have some C$ to spend.

I intend to waltz right into those businesses and spend that cash.

(Cash that didn’t exist before I donated it to Wildsight.)

I can spend C$ in Kimberley, Cranbrook, Nelson, Fernie, Slocan and Castlegar — the best little cities on the whole darn planet!

I tip my scarf to the group of volunteers who have been sweating over this project for months now.

They tell me the actual paper money is just a few weeks around the corner. I can’t wait to hold some, get some, and spend some.

I’ll be proud to accept CC$ — and to spend it locally.

One more thought…

Some say B.C.’s third biggest economic driver is the underground cash economy. If you’re from ’round these parts, you know what THAT means.

I believe that Columbia Community Dollars will help create something much superior to the underground cash economy:

An OVERGROUND cash economy.

A way for wealth to stay in our region. A way that connects people, businesses and non-profits together in a web of resilience.

A multiplier.

It’s what the region needs now.