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May 5 / TrishB

Boldify* what means the most to you

Abandon the tug of war between distraction and meaning

The Internet shimmered with potential back in 1996, before the days of Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and Facebook. Java was baby-fresh and e-mail was locked in as the ultimate ‘killer app.’
Well, well, well.
That shimmer has become a dazzling glare of just too effing much.
Too much chatter. Too many emoticons. Too many killer apps.

Technology and landslides move at about the same speed and both of them are unnerving.

How do I know my online invoice service won’t vanish — along with my business records?
How do I know my comments on a client’s Basecamp hub will stay private?
How do I know the Internet will withstand political and environmental upheaval?

I don’t.

But I do know this:

1) You can reach more people with more good ideas than ever before.
2) An entire caste of geeks is writing code, 24/7, around the world.
3) This code unlocks opportunities like never before.
4) Content is everything.

That’s why I’m learning how to send good ideas as far as they can go — in the direction they’re meant to go: whether in print, online or a multimedia marriage of both.

There’s still time to nurture connections between the people who need help and those who can help them. There’s still time to spread the very best ideas about green living, wild places and community resilience.

That’s why it’s time to boldify the things that matter, and abandon the stuff that doesn’t.

*”Boldify” : I first heard it from my husband-to-be. He taught me how to lay out a newspaper page in Quark Express. Boldify relates to typography and to armchair philosophy — two of my favourite things — and to my hubby, another favourite ‘thing.’ Hey, B — I’m a fan!